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"Oaten’s writing constantly teeters on the blissed-out edge of chaos."

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"Truly a captivating piece of work..."

Reviewer Amy Greenwood

Dodging down back-alleys in bomb-torn Beirut. Wheeling past God and traffic in Mombassa, Kenya. Slipping around the edges of Alzheimer’s disease, the Gulf War, and the eternity of CNN.

Set somewhere between here and the heat-death of the universe, Jim Oaten’s debut collection serves up random samples of literal and literary truth scooped up at top speed. 

Cover by Derek von Essen


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Allahua Akabar, Do You Read?

CNN and the Heat Death of the Universe





"Inshallah. If Allah wills it. It's on the taxi-cabs in Mombasa, in Kenya. Inshallah. Both a profession of faith and a preparation for the inevitable, the proverb provides the cab drivers and their touts with the one guarantee their largely unregulated and regularly lethal profession demands: Immunity."

—from "Allahua Akbar, Do You Read?"